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331e7666b8e0340535d8a993f8fbc9a5Their first Music Album in English called, "PRESENCE" was well accepted nationally and internationally for its Indo-Western influences, with the title song ‘Presence’ becoming an instant hit. They are currently working on the release of their second album,"YAHOVAH" which is in Hindi. Most of the songs in the album have already become popular, through the EPs released earlier in the year. 

The ‘Presence’ Band . . .

As far as our musical expertise is concerned, its great! but all we want to say is, “we are nothing without the Lord Jesus Christ, without His power all that we sing and play is meaningless, but with Him we soar, because He is the centre of it all”. The Presence band loves Jesus and believe that they have a responsibility to use their God given gifts in leading people in heartfelt worship. The band was formed prayerfully in late 2010 after the launch of their album ‘Presence’, when there were invitations for live performances in different cities. Their songs are basically written to lift people around the world to connect with God and to lead this generation into a greater intimacy with Him. The "PRESENCE" band is dedicated to the great commission. From the heart pounding praise songs to the heartfelt soul stirring intimate worship lyrics, you will explode into His Presence, by the Power of His Spirit. Through their concerts, events and seminars they have been able to equip and release a greater understanding of worship worldwide, especially in the area of the prophetic. Even though they travel extensively throughout India and the world(especially Raju), they are a very integral part of the church worship team, leading on weekly basis.


rajudsilva #worshipdivers2018 God blessed us with His Presence! #wordandworship Thank you to everyone who organized, preached,… https://t.co/VeEomyNuSR
rajudsilva Grace goes beyond mercy. Mercy gave the prodigal son a second chance. GRACE threw him a party !!!


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