Dear brothers and sisters,

In my earlier days of worship leading, I would get so high in the forms of worship, music styles, etc..,(thinking i am worshipping God in Spirit and in truth), that i would easily miss getting high in God himself.

Many times as worship leaders and worship teams, we can get so caught up in the music arrangements, the vocal ranges, lead riffs, equipments, brands, bands etc.., that we want to play like them, have what they have, behave like them and look like them... In this time consuming endeavour, we forget what we have come for and may even miss encountering with God.

Do not get me wrong I love music and all the worship songs that are rising up today. But, I had this vaccum, while listening to a CD, I would be so drawn into worship, that i would lift my hands on the streets, sing aloud :) but what, when the music was switched off?

What happens when the music fades, do we crack open the Word, get into prayer? or do we just continue our day as if we hadn’t even come close to touching the feet of God, 5 minutes before when the music was blasting into our ears.

First and foremost, worship is a lifestyle. We can fall in love with His creation, music and all our hopelessly inadequate attempts to come even a little bit close to describing how awesome He is, rather than getting to know 'HIM' the author of it all.

My dissatisfaction in music came down to a lack of a solid foundation in Christ. I knew God, but I did not really know who He was. Undoubtedly, I was a Christian in every sense of the word (saved, born again..,) but I wasn’t a God-follower. In my mind, I was still in my shallow days as a newbie, when I should realistically have been way deeper.

However, God didn’t look at it like that. To my shallow, finite mind, my lack of spiritual growth was a failure on my part, but in God’s perfect wisdom, He saw it as a catalyst to draw me deeper in my walk with Him, thus opening a new chapter in my life in Christ. I looked at it as a plateau that I needed to overcome, but God saw it as a stepping stone to greater things.

I would love to say, 'things are awesome, I'm on cloud nine',(spiritually i am). But, I still have my challenges as everyone else does. The difference is, I was open to an area in my life that God revealed. I still play and listen to worship music, but I also discipline to end my day praying, meditating on the Word, ("meditating on it day and night so I can carefully do everything written in it" Josh. 1:8) and ultimately live a lifestyle of worship.

I would urge each one of us, get high on your Creator, not on His creation, Get founded on the Word and prayer, not on music alone :) Because when the music fades the Word in your heart will never fade (Lk.21:33), it will stand the test of time. You are more than an overcomer...

Stay blessed,

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